About the Brand

Anderton’s, a classically edgy independent brand, is delightfully proud to announce the official launch of its new lines of apparel, home goods, and technology accessories available for sale exclusively on its website www.andertonsapparel.com.


The thrilling new lines boast charming twists on old favorites. Anderton’s cleverly combines practical designs with traditional vintage styles to give the world your unique expression of lifestyle, attitude, and culture. Characterized by clean lines and distinguished typography, the designs elegantly capture the unique essence of both the individualist and fashion conscious.


With a keen eye for quality, Anderton’s sources only the best – comfortable, affordable, and made in the USA. Anderton’s takes great pride in finding materials that look good, feel great, and are socially responsible.

About Anderton’s Apparel Company:

Our independent brand of graphic trendy tees,  zodiac sign tees, and home accents are all designed with you, the free-spirited fashion fan, in mind. With our practical and charming designs in classically vintage styles, the clean lines, distinctive typography, meaningful symbols and inspirational words we use are intentionally intended to provoke pleasant feelings of confidence in fully expressing your remarkable personal style. When you wear our tee, put our pillow on your couch, or put your phone in our case, we want that tee, pillow, and cell phone case to elevate and inspire you to be the best version of your authentic self. After all, what we wear on our bodies and put in our homes are direct reflections of our individual lifestyles and distinct interests.


We offer our exclusive brand solely online at www.andertonsapparel.com.